Elk Falls, Colorado

(for residents only)

Elk Falls, Colorado (which is only accessable via Staunton State Park) is located between the communities of Conifer and Bailey, southwest of Denver on highway 285. The Elk Falls Ranch subdivision, named for the waterfall just east of Lion's Head, was assembled and developed by Elmer and Sally Berg in the early to mid 1900's. The Elk Falls Ranch subdivision was developed from Ranch property in the 1950's and 60's. Most of the unsubdivided Ranch property was later obtained by the State of Colorado via GOCO, and is now part of Staunton State Park. The Elk Falls subdivision is an upscale residential community spanning the border between Park and Jefferson counties. All property owners of the Elk Falls Ranch subdivision are members of the Elk Falls Property Owners Association (EFPOA) which oversees the roads, covenants, and other items of interest to the residents.

Shaffer's crossing (North)
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Shaffer's crossing (South)
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